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A Happening at CITA is a hyper focused niche event designed to provide practical application for established and emerging Christian theatre artists alike.


These events may include any of the following:

• new skill development (cultivate) for the emerging artist.

• further skill development (empower) for the professional artist.

• relationship development and collaboration/work share opportunities (sustain) for theatre artists around the world.


CITA Happenings are:

  • local, national, and international

  • small, medium, and large

  • Produced by CITA and managed by CITA staff and local CITA members


What happens at a Happening?

• Prayer

• Connect with Christian artists, make new friends, network with colleagues and industry professionals

• New Works previews, discussions and development

• Applied Theatre workshops (for artists utilizing theatre to meet the needs of neighbors)

• Cultivating New Artists workshop for educators and others nurturing up and coming theatre artists

• Keynote Speakers on various theatre and faith topics

• Attend Performances and support local artists.

• Share experiences

• Be encouraged

• Renew your vision

Who can host a CITA Happening?

• Any CITA member may apply to host a Happening - click here

• All CITA Happenings promote a Christian worldview

• CITA Happenings are managed and staffed by CITA